Monday, February 19, 2007

Tea is evil!!!

Oh yes indeed it is. But let me explain why.

After the virus infection on the 1st of January, 2007, I could not drink my all time favourite beverage, of which I drink gallons and barrels on a daily basis: chocolate milk. My stomach simply wasn't up to it. So I switched to tea, Lipton Vanilla Caramel tea with an ocean of honey in. But tea is evil. With water one knows the deal: after five minutes, one has to pee. (Actually, sometimes one has to pee just by listening to water pouring, no drinking involved.) Tea on the other hand hides somewhere inside my body and makes a cowardly, all guns blazing attack. The one moment I don't need the toilet and the next I feel like Columbus's Santa Maria has materialised inside my bladder. Combine this with the fact I am working +-12 hours a day practically on the street, at a kiosk, with no toilet handy, and you'll catch my drift...

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