Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I live a secret life.
Perhaps after a fashion everyone does.
I live two different lives.
One is what is expected. A boring succession of working hours followed by sleep, food and chores. Nothing out of the ordinary.
The second life is not separate or easily distinguished. It's a sudden flash of knowledge while I converse. A dream that is the last thing I remember from last night's (mis)adventures. Or a surge of energy leaving or entering my body without warning.
Suddenly words become landscapes and people are not what they seem at all.

I live two lives at once.
In one life I am nobody. In the second, I'm everything I never thought I'd be.
I sing and weave spells in between selling cigarettes and shutting my ears with both hands because the traffic is deafening.
I try and succeed in being invisible.
I am a supernova made flesh.
I speak but share no actual information.
I keep my mouth shut and let my body be cradled in the arms of the most unlikely lovers.
I hide in plain view though I speak my mind loud and clear.

The things I have experienced in the past two years are far from preposterous. They are insane and as valid as they can be.
Myth becomes reality, religion propaganda.
The fabric of reality is woven by delicate spiderweb.
Treat lightly, lest you are revealed, a little voice whispers.
But they cannot see what they do not believe in... Even if it's right there under their nose. Don't you just love this?

PS Digging up dirt as per usual. Another old story surfacing soon. More tears probably, but what the hell. Out of the way. Away with you. I have work to do and these past stories just won't let me. I get irritated!

PPS Hahaha, let's place a bet. Do you know how to make love? My money goes to the "you know how to fuck" option. Let's see what can be done about this, shall we? You have a lovely face anyway and the rest of you is just as beautiful. It won't exactly be a sacrifice on my behalf.

PPPS: Confused? You should be.