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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nearly forgot.

A few weeks ago fans of two different football/basketball/volleyball teams got into a huge ruckus and virtually kicked the living crap of each other. One person was stabbed to death and many seriously injured. It is morning, I am at the kiosk opening and arranging the newspapers, and shaking my head with disgust as I read these headlines. A friend of mine, Theodore, who's half American half Greek, is asking me what happened. I explain to him that this is the Nature's method of weeding out the stupid ones. At that point another person who hears this conversation interferes and tells me, "yes, and I can tell you exactly what happened." "I'm not interested", I tell him. "No, let me tell you." "I don't want to know", I tell him, "these people are idiots who get what they deserve anyway." "Yes, you are right," he insists, "but let me tell you what happened." This utterly stupid conversation goes on for another one or two minutes, with him insisting that I have to know and me telling him off. Finally he says, "you have to know because you are Greek ." Failing to see any connection between the two things, I turn around dumbfounded and ask him, "so what?" Please read the ensuing conversation.
Him: "What do you mean 'so what'? You are Greek, aren't you?"
Me: "Yes, so what? I don't give a toss about it."
Him: "You mean that if an Albanian comes and burns the Greek flag outside your kiosk, you won't care?"
Me: "He can use the flag to wipe his ass with it if he feels like it, I don't give a fuck."
This freaked him out enough to make him go and leave me alone at last.

I AM NOT GREEK, GODSDDAMMIT. I am human. Do you have any idea of what human means? I am not Greek, female, orthodox Christian, or any of that social conditioning crap. I am just human. What does Greek mean, besides having Greek education? Greek ancestors? There is no such thing as a pure blood anything! There have been endless blood mixtures over the millennia and that's the way it should be, for healthy genes. Besides, modern-day Greeks can no more lay claim on the great philosophical and mathematical ideas of ancient Greece. At least, not any more than any educated person of any race can. That was two thousand five hundred years ago, people. Do you have anything recent to show me that proves a connection to those great minds? NO. Then shut up. Religion equals fear equals mental poison. And as for gender, it reveals nothing more about me than the fact I belong to the birth giving sex. SO FUCKING WHAT?!

I am only ONE thing, fellas, and get it right because I will not bother explaining it more. I am human. And God/dess knows, NOT PROUD OF IT. How could I? Take a look around and tell me. How could I?