Sunday, December 13, 2015

Greek reality


I've found work in a supermarket. To say it's terrible would be an understatement. To help you understand the mentality, there is a chair behind the till because if the store doesn't have one, they are subject to a fine. However, if you sit and they see you on camera, you may get fired. They are understaffed, because the owners don't want to hire enough people and pay wages. The money you get for working six days a week without a day off is 500 euro. I know, you are thrilled. I am trilled too. I'm already sick with a cold because I didn't get enough sleep while I do work for two people. I'm a hair away from going to the headquarters of the company, finding the owner who interviewed me before hiring me and telling him what I really think of his professional ethos. It won't be pretty. I'll probably use the company shirt to strangle him. But I need the money and so I say nothing and stay where I am, though I hate it. It is not going to be easy. I'll be working every day until the end of year, including Sundays.

I have to keep reminding myself I need the money. I have to keep repeating, "remember who the real enemy is". I have to keep telling myself not to pay attention to the fact after a full year of frantically looking for a job all I managed to find was this one. I wouldn't have found this one either if it wasn't for knowing someone who knew someone else and I got special treatment. Imagine that. You need to use your connections to get jobs like this one, where you slave away for six days a week every week for the rest of your life to get paid 500 euro. I pity the ones who have to do this for the rest of their lives; they deserve a metal of valour, an honourable mention, something. Companies work them like slaves and suck them dry and they can't quit without leaving their family unfed, without risking everything they've got.

Strip a person naked, take everything away, and they can still hold onto their dignity.
Remember who the real enemy is in this game. Don't lose sight of your goal.
You need the money. You need the money. If you are going to go to UK, you need to save money. So keep working and keep looking for something else at the same time.

I am out for your blood. You can't stop me. Throw as many monkey wrenches into the equation as you want. You are only making me angrier. You are only making this worse for yourselves.
It's going to hurt so much, and when I am done with you, there will be nothing left.
Keep your head down and remember who the real enemy is.

"...Look at me.
I am pilot error, I am fetal distress, I am the random chromosome...
I am complete and total madness. I am fear.
...You are all going to die." 
The Crow


Bruno Albuquerque said...

It"s not a dream job. But you're finally working and I am happy that you're finally managing to get a job. It's a sucker's job, but it's a job.

Remember who the real enemy is! Keep those words in mind!

Missing you!

P Thomas said...

A job's a job and better than no job! Well done on finding something. And if you do make it to the UK, it would be good to see you.

Keep socking it to the Man, hon. You're stronger than them.