Sunday, October 26, 2008

An alien

... landing on my head would hardly make me raise my right eyebrow, let alone crack a smile.

Found a new way to deal with homophobic people and generally, the kind of know-it-all-Greek people I despise. At the first hint of an idiotic argument that I hear (i.e. for gay people, the characterisation "not normal") I dramatically raise both hands and exclaim curtly and loudly "end of conversation!" This wins me a few surprised glances. It is okay. They do not know it, but it also saves them from a blunt object landing on their moronic heads. I can understand that every person has the right to have a head full of shit and brainwashed /pre-constructed vomit instead of ideas, but sorry, I will not deal with this if I can avoid it. They can keep their opinions to themselves and I will do the same for mine. No 'conversation' (parade of racist, homophobic and simply infuriating 'arguments' that defy any definition of logic) will torture my ears and brain cells if I can just skip it. Not for any other reason, but my blood pressure reaches the heavens and my hands start shaking with the adrenaline I cannot use to flatten their faces and give them a new point of view in life. So yes, I will be a fascist.


Anonymous said...

"end of conversation!" haha not a bad idea, not only for the homophobic ones but also for all
the other "not normal" kind of conversations.

Go normalize yourselves you dickheads!!!

Keep fighting against normalization...


indigojester said...

Not a bad idea? You bet. The alternative is ending up behind bars...

kleinevos said...

Aliens come in all shapes and sizes my dear... perhaps it's just too tiny for you to notice. :)

When an eyebrow is needed to be raised, it will happen. Spend your energy on the important things.

Ahhh... enough of my babble :)

I know I owe you a long letter, it's been started and then sent to the shelf to sit and wait for me to add on. I have so much to tell, so much to say. We are moving November 13th to Lelystad, so I will have a new address. :) I will send this to you asap!

You are always in my thoughts! (Not like stalker thoughts... just... well...)

Angel Alucard said...

Hello, babe!!
I am eading your blog, putting some things back o it's plae and I added your blog as one I would like to follow, so I won't be missing a thing, but so many thingsare needing to be said and the energy hasn't been flowing. Right now, I have so much to say, that before sending you the letter which is waiting to go to your hands, I will write a few more lines r pages, with new dates, like I've been doing in the last few times.

Tell mesomethng, did you ever fell the neeto change evrythig aornd you, that you used to chage your e-mail, create new "profile pages" like hi5 or myspace? I did, I changed e-mail, hi5, myspace,I've been thinkng about changing my blogs too. But that would be implicating to delete them, but I won't go that far on ma madness, sis!! lol, a little of "dry humour"...

And you're right, it's the best way to deal with homophobic and for "not-normal"-conversation-people-shitty-heads!! Tur them your back, or make them talk to your hand, cause you won't be listening! HA!

Oh, one more new, I am thinking about opening my own caffé, maybe I ca open one bar later, fo gay people only. Straigh will be allowed, but it'll be a space dediated to the gay ones. I will try to fish all the informations I need in the web, but when I gett all I need,nobdy wil eve stop me!!! :)

My dear, most of time I think about you, I remind how would you act in this or that situation, when I see some eople acting "against the machine" (me), in the caffe I'm working at and I just follow what my heart says, what you describe, turn them my back without a word!! Maybe they'll fish the message!!

Yours and alwas yours!