Thursday, June 04, 2015

Some thoughts on this blog.

  1. In a few months from now (October), it will be 10 years since I created it. Imagine that. Ten whole years of me banging the keyboard like a manic orangutan.
  2. I changed the font size of the entire blog, including past posts, to make it easier to read. I hope this is indeed the case.
  3. I love this blog. It is surreal and profane and sad, just like its creator. It is also honest, and not mundane to the degree I could help it. I am responsible for it and it has grown into something important.
  4. I don't advertise it and yet it seems that it has its own bizarre readership, at least judging from the number of page views and flags. Which is great, I am not complaining. But weird. I wonder who those people are and what they are trying to achieve by reading my inane musings and my rants. Oh well, pointless to wonder. Thank you for reading it anyway.
  5. I am thinking about organising a small 'thank you' giveaway of some kind on the anniversary of its creation. Then again, I may by that time be in Australia, or dead. Or both.
It's very late. I should be sleeping, especially considering how late I slept yesterday. I just 'love' my insomnia bouts; nothing better than lying in bed jumping out of your skin at every single noise. Presently I am eating strawberries and seriously considering writing an article for a newspaper. I have no idea if they will accept it or not, but if this happens, I will let you know.


Bruno Albuquerque said...

Strangely, the captcha program asked me to select all the images with pizza, just to prove that I am not a spam robot. ;)

Now back to yur entry, ten years can be a lifetime. I am not your reader for ten years, but I am for almost that time. I am pne of those readers and you probably wouldn't have to wonder too much about this, when you saw a Portuguese flag on your blog.
Your blog is a very good place. For some, it's quite possibly like returning home. For others, it might be the silent relief of not feeling that much of loneliness as they read your words. For others, who know?! Aren't we all seeking everything and anything, everywhere and anywhere?!
And what the jeck are you going to do to Australia?! Enjoying the Kangaroos and Koalas, taking them for a night walk, hand on hand (or paw), to watch the imensitude of the sea and the starry night sky?!

I love you, my dear friend and do not wonder too much. It's an impossible task to ask you, but try to, 'cause it only harms your soul.


P Thomas said...

Well, you know who I am, just as mad as you know I am, and yet still me. Writing furiously on my own blog at times, and on revshare sites at others. Working hard to carve a niche for myself in the organisation I work for and trying to get through a ntural span of life without pickling my liver with drink, or poisoning myself with my own cooking...