Monday, August 19, 2013

Guidance is overrated :P

Last night I asked for guidance before I slept. The result was waking up with my left back side stiff. The back is related to issues one is not aware of yet, and pain located there is a premonition of some issue coming to the conscious mind. Or perhaps it's the result of a draught and there is nothing else there. ;)

This week I've "gobbled" down almost the entire first season of 'Carnivale', the TV series. It's very good. A pity it was discontinued after the second season. Finished with five Seasons of Supernatural, feeling very happy with the series. This abruptly stopped after watching the first episode of the sixth Season. It was so disjointed and stupid I was sure I was watching another series. I guess when the creator wants to finish a series at a point, they know what they are doing and why. They worked on their plot, they counted the breaths and the stops and the pauses in the flow. The original creator of Supernatural did want to stop there. The series, however, was too popular to stop, and they hired someone else to continue. Money talks, I can understand this, but if the sixth season does not improve after an episode or two more, I'll just stop watching it. It was the same thing with Deathnote. It should have been brought to conclusion much earlier.

I am waiting for thing to happen since actively chasing them brings no results.
Waiting brings no results either, so I move from one to the other- chasing and waiting, waiting and chasing.
Let's see. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

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Bruno Albuquerque said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for everything you wish. About the series "Carnivale", it's amazing. There are lots of other series I'd love to watch and people keep telling me to download them. I have no computer or internet at this moment and I also can't use torrents, as I don't know how to use such thing! It just matters that my fingers are crossed for you... That's all! :)