Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer's here

Translation: if I could spend my days half-immersed in a barrel of water and do everything from inside the barrel, I would. I'd fit those small wheels at the bottom and move around. I'd wear a bikini and air my luscious tummy. And splash water on passers by.

I received my edited short stories back. I have not looked at them yet. Or rather I did take a look, but that's about it. I did not bother further. At some point I need to go through the corrections and see what I'll keep from the changes. Noticed my saying, "at some point". It's not as simple as it seems. At least judging from the dreams I see, where I am trying to protect a baby from vampires that mysteriously kill the family and realise at some point that the vampire is the child itself. Child= creation. I need to protect both myself and my creation.

Come on, two chapters left. Move your ass and write them. Two bloody chapters to finish the damn book. Come on, girl. Write and stop your bellyaching.


Bruno Albuquerque said...

that's the scary part of the publishing, when it is returned with the corrections. About me, I am pretty aware that my writing would be way too far from perfect and more than corrected, it possibly would return with a letter advising to forget about writing, as I am too bad about it... Bah... Come on, girl, keep typing, as you're achieving it! :)

Noelle said...

Living in a barrel of cold water and splashing passers by sounds like just what I need. I dared to take out the garbage today and when I opened the door the heat nearly knocked me on my ass. That's just one of the reasons I'm moving out of Florida and heading for the PNW in the VERY near future.