Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Everything about you.

Ugh, perhaps I should have slept earlier yesterday... But I was busy re-reading America Gods, which is both brilliant and boring, Watchmen, which is one of the most detailed, amazing and multi-layered graphic novels I have read in my life, and thinking about a million things- and one.

You know, there is a saying. If you want to leave, go. If you don't want to leave, stay. But for the love of  God(s), sugar, or anything you hold holy, near and dear to your heart. DON'T. NAG.

Don't nag about how your life is. You are the one who chose it down to the last detail, either by choice or by lack of it. That, too, is choice, letting things happen to you. So please don't nag. If you don't like it, you're free to do something else.

Don't complain about your parents, friends, or boyfriend/ girlfriend (or lack of). Do not expect others to change to cater for your needs on any level. It is fascistic, illogical and a handy excuse to avoid any responsibility. You hate it when others expect you to change, yet with what ease you expect it from others. Do not expect others to show common sense when you first and foremost don't. It's about as effective as expecting rain to stop because you close your eyes. Stop the wishful thinking and get out of the rain. 

"Oh, I can't." Why can't you? "Because doing this will upset so and so, or I will have to displease so and so. Or even worse, I will have to face my own fears about upsetting them, displeasing them, and being an entity separate from my parents/ friends/ boyfriend or girlfriend." In that case, seek out professional assistance. You need a therapist or psychologist to help you develop social skills and a personality that is not some other person(s) conjoined twin. I am not being ironic here. In fact I am very serious. I can give you phone numbers if you ask. I care about you otherwise I would not be writing this. I cannot solve your problem though. And I don't want to hear about your problem if you don't want to solve it either.

If you see your life until this point and it displeases you, don't expect it to change without you participating in that change. You should try to get used to it instead because this is how your life will be for the next fifty years or so. It's very sad, but it's what you want, and what you choose is not negotiable. You'll get it.

If you don't like it, remember: you're free to choose again any time you're ready. This is not negotiable either. Your pace is your own. Your rhythms are your own. Your problems are as big as you feel them to be and I am not going to compare them with mine or anyone else's. But take your time because you really want to change, not because you want to procrastinate. And if you want to procrastinate, that too is fine. But please. DON'T. NAG. Let me be. I have my own problems and I am not going to spend a single second telling you what to do or pat you on the head making "poor you" sounds. You are not in need of pity. There is nothing pitiful about you and I am not going to feed you your drug of choice. You know perfectly well what you need to do. If you don't want to do it I cannot help you, no matter how much I care about you. End of the story.

Pffffffffffffff (sound of kettle boiling... inside my head.)

(I have no opinion on Nickelback... But the review is just hilarious.)

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Bruninho said...

Dear lady,
Dear Goddess of my own Olympus,
Dear human on that side,

Keep just being yourself! Keep just doing what makes you happy, lathough you do care about others, it's just like you said: you have your own problems and your time is to solve them, it should not be spent solving others'.

Whatever you do, it's just fine. In the end of the day, if you can lay your head in the pillow and sleep quietly and peacefuly, that's all that matters and that's the way I will still love you and, although it's wrong, worship you!

P.S. -» about Nickelback, they've been stoned outta the stage, years ago, in Portugal. Guess why they've never returned? And I do agree, the article is just hilarious! xD