Thursday, March 12, 2009

eYE cANdy

Today I feel artistic.

Truly artistic!


Ludicrous said...

Simply! :)

Ravengirl said...

Hi Elisabeth. Beate from Norway here. Thought I should contact you and tell you that I have a box of FBs (mostly gothic) here for you. I need your new address though, cos I know you have moved since last time I sent you something.:o) You can mail me at or visit me at my blog.
Hope to hear from you.:o)
PS: I added your blog to my gothic blog site, hope that's okay with you.

Bruno A. said...


And have you moved from your mother's house? Please, send me your address, for me to send you the letter and some FB's I did and want you to start them! :), that's my e-mail address! :)

Loving you as hard as I can! :)