Monday, February 12, 2018


"Hi ho, nobody home, love nor hope nor honour have I none, yet I will be merry..."

The song of the dispossessed is buried with them, piles of rotting flesh in nameless graves. Then the crows, eaters of flesh, take it back to the Mother who's Unfathomable, Unnamed, Sacred, Absent from this hellhole of a world.

"You know, Lilith has had as much bad press as Lucifer, if not more. It's the same with Kali and Hecate. Kali kills the parts of the self that not only don't serve a purpose anymore, but turn into fully-fledged demons if left unchecked. Hecate was the goddess of witchcraft, but also of justice, eloquence, a protectress of pregnant women and children and the one who in her mercy gathered the souls of the mad and the suicides from the crossroads."

And Lilith?

Luminous shadow of Creation
the left hand of God/dess
Black Moon to Her Black Sun
The Ancient One who walked in the gardens of Babylon
The Second Born and first to give birth
Exalted, revered, sacred
The ones scared of Her power 
called Her mother of abominations
the One who gave birth to Death
As if life itself isn't the first step towards
the embrace of Death...

And you?

I weave. Silently, incessantly, I weave. I write and pray and light candles and kiss my cats and eat and walk and talk and weave. In my sleep I sing the song of the dispossessed and wake up with my cheeks wet with tears. In my waking hours I see the heart of the tiniest phoenix in the flaming center of a flower and go back to bed with my cheeks wet with tears. Cause no-one else sees it, and when I tell them about it, they give me that half-smile we give to children and mentally challenged people. 

If you have money, you are eccentric. If you don't, you're just weird.

I can live with it. 

Dead Can Dance
"Song Of The Dispossessed"

The river is deep and the road is long
Daylight comes and I want to go home
Awoke this morning
To find my people's tongues were tied
And in my dreams
They were given books to poison their minds
The river is deep and the mountain high
How long before the other side?
We are their mortar
Their building bricks and their clay
Their gold teeth mirror
Both our joys and our pain
The river is deep and the ocean wide
Who will show us how to read the signs?
The earth is our mother
She taught us to embrace the light
Now the lord is master
She suffers an eternal night
You blocked up my ears
You plucked out my eyes
You cut out my tongue
You fed me with lies
Oh lord
Oh lord
Oh lord
Oh lord
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