Sunday, January 17, 2016

Job silliness

I have a calculator at my job. It has a button that reads 'MU'. I have no idea what that means or what it does, so my imagination rushed in, trying to offer me possible explanations.

1) The lost continent of Mu. That's where it's been hiding all this time. If I keep looking, I'll probably discover Atlantis's hiding place too.
2) As soon as you press it, it sprinkles you with milk. Hopefully cow milk.
3) If you press it, someone in your environment says "haha" because that's what follows "mu". Especially if you are a cartoon villain.
4) Mulan. She appears and kicks your ass. For no reason. She just does.
5) M(ind) U(nhinged). You press it, you go mad. If you were mad to begin with, you are teleported against your will to the aforesaid continent of Mu. You know. Meet and greet the cows. Exciting stuff. Or worse, you come back to your senses while stranded on this planet. Poor motherfucker. I hope you go mad soon, it will be a relief. :P
6) You become a cow. If you already were one (and I don't mean bovine) you get polka dots everywhere. I like polka dots. Good luck getting laid.
7) I am not working right now. I ought to be sleeping, and I'm writing blog entries instead. So tomorrow I will press that button and see what happens. If I stop updating this blog, please send help. If I upload only cow photos, don't be alarmed, they are selfies and I am looking for a boyfriend.
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1 comment:

Bruno Albuquerque said...

Ahahah! Now that's a good one. ��
I hope you're enjoying the work, more than just wondering the MU button all day long. ��