Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Weaver and the Destroyer

So what is this about?
One moment that can change everything.
Mistakes that could not be avoided.
Memories, some of them not made yet.
If I was to put on the one side of a scale the good humanity has done and on the other side the harm and heartbreak, what would the scale show?
Would it balance?
Or the one side would be so much heavier it would crash down and open a hole in the fabric of the universe?
And why can’t I stop wanting since I know what lies at the end of it?

“The Weaver is always at war with the Destroyer. Some say the Weaver is mad because sooner or later the Destroyer will pull everything apart, so it is useless to even try. But the Weaver can’t help but create, this is the only song She can sing. The Destroyer sings the other song. Together they make the universe. And the universe is beautiful even though one day it will be pulled apart. We need to see the beauty because there is death at the end. Do you understand?”

Everything matters. Just not enough to give me peace. I am the only one who can grant peace to myself. No-one and nothing else.

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