Saturday, December 21, 2013


Art taken from here

I am sad tonight.
It is silly to be sad about what doesn't matter.
It's silly to be sad about movies, books, music.
Those three things make me sad more than anything else.
Sadness is nothing but chemicals. The brains experiences a stimulus, gives the order to the appropriate glands, they saturate your blood in chemicals. Our very own tailor-made, fit to perfection drugs.
There you go, dear. Have a cuppa. All yours, choke on it.
Drink it down to the last drop.
I have no protection against art.
People I have protection against.
Art, I don't.
Biggest night of the year. Darkness knows no end tonight.
I am not afraid of darkness. It is a caress, a luxury, a friend.
There's a kitten in a box near my feet.
I don't know if he'll survive the night.
Let's hope it does.


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