Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The voices inside my head.

Liz: No, no, don't do it that way. Too easy. It's just too easy. Plus, if every time something wrong happens she appears and saves the day, there is no stopping it. She'll be deus ex machina every goddamn time. You can't do this.
Elizabeth: Yeah, smartass. And what do you propose? He saw them, he will alert the rest. What if they kill him? This is the logical thing to do.
Elizadeath: I want to die. It's all meaningless. I don't know why I bother writing. It's going to be a failure anyway. I'll never be good enough. English is not my first language. Why do I even try?
Liz and Elizabeth in one voice: SHUT UP, MORON.
Liz: They can't kill him. She won't allow it, and none is powerful enough to do it. He has to stay alive. But if he remains alive, cut the memory loss crap. It just isn't a good idea. Work your way around it.
Elizabeth: For the fuck of love. Why make things complex? He saw them, she erased his memory. If he dies it will be World War three in London. The Overseers from the other capitals will fly there and then London will be turned upside down. Two out of three protagonists will have to flee. How the hell am I supposed to write a book with two of them in different countries?
Elizadeath: I have become so fat. My tummy is like I am pregnant. I will never get laid again. Look at how white my hair has become. I want to die. I want to eat an ice-cream. Everything is meaningless.
Liz and Elizabeth: SHUT UP, MORON.
Liz: Plus the "erase the memory" thing is basic in Identity Crisis. You cannot do that, you know it's not really a solution. You really need to find another way of doing it. Even if it means killing him.
Elizabeth: I thought about that. I am not sure I can handle the way this will go if I kill him. Simple solutions always work best.
Liz: That's not a simple solution. It's a sell-off. You can do better than insult the intelligence of your readers. You need to find another way to do it. Quit it already with the 'no can do' routine. You can, and you'll do.
Elizabeth: Arrrrrghhhhh I hate you! I fucking hate you! You make my life hell!
Liz: But you know I am right.
Elizadeath: Stop arguing. You're giving me a headache. Life is meaningless. No-one loves me.
Liz and Elizabeth: SHUT UP, MORON.
Elizadeath: Whatever. I am making tea. Who wants some tea?
Liz: Roasted Japanese tea for me.
Elizabeth: Vanilla flavoured black tea for me.
Elizadeath: Fuck you. I am making some rosemary. Make your own.
Liz: Eat my shit and die.
Elizabeth: Get stuffed.

Elizadeath raises her middle finger to both and goes off to make tea.

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Bruno Albuquerque said...

eheheheh, that is a very good entry on the war within your mind. That is something a bit like what's going inside of my own, but in different terms. Also with different topics of conversation / arguments. Keep going, girl, you're going towards the right way! <3

Noelle said...

Nice... wigs... ;)