Sunday, July 10, 2011

The complexity of being

Most of what we think is never known to others.
Passing feelings, notions and ideas are never known to others.
I share myself as much as I am capable of.
Yet there are things that cannot be shared.
Moments when the sunlight has a specific way of illuminating things.
The feeling of being content when I hug my favourite animals.
[Perhaps it is the "here and now" these beings encompass fully that reminds us so well what being content in the present tense is. Not expecting happiness and fulfillment. Not thinking of times past. But BEING here and now.]
There are things I cannot share, perhaps because of our human deficiency, perhaps because I safeguard the inner core of my being in such a manner.
There are those things that cannot be shared and sometimes are driving me insane.
The feeling of sexual hunger for a curve or a smooth line on someone's body.
The hunger for eternity while I immerse myself in the hue of blue on a pre-Raphaelite painting.
The hunger for life itself while watching an astounding performance.
The need for vanity as I caress a smooth fabric.
The yearning to leave as I look at the line of the horizon.
The arbitrary hunger to fly while a splendid sunset blooms like a wound in front of my eyes.
The feeling of power in my guts while my favourite music shakes me to the core.
Those things, and so many more, only remind me of one thing.
Live well.
Love deep.
One day you will close the door behind you and leave it all here.
Make sure you leave no loose ends.
Blessed be.

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