Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Not funny.

The DVD in which I saved all my data before my laptop died cannot be read by any PC. I still have some of those things in other CDs, but unless I manage to somehow retrieve the data from the DVD, a lot of things are lost forever. Perhaps I should leave my past behind. A pity.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes leaving the past behind is not that bad when it is your choice, doing so because of technology failures is quite distressing. Anyway, never trust technology.

Try to use your dead laptop's hard disk. You can take it out from your laptop then plug it in a usb case and connect it to your pc.
You can use this or something similar.

indigojester said...

Thanks for the advice, but the laptop had been formatted... And sometimes technology helps us get rid of the past in a violent way, especially if we are the clingy type.

Tibby said...

I've always had this plan that if my flat was on fire and I could save only one thing, I'd save my old journals. So that I'll never forget the hell I've been thru.

But lately it has come to my attention that maybe forgetting the past is the best thing I can do for my future.

Love always,